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In Conversation With Patricia San Pedro

We sat down with the author, skincare expert, and mother of four to talk about her favorite skin tools, SKKN products, and more.

Q: How would you describe your skin type?
A: I have a normal skin type. 

Q: What’s one skin tool you can’t live without?
A: Your best skin tool are your hands! My favorite tangible skin tools are my gua sha stones.

Q: Tell us one random fact about yourself.
A: My Korean name is Ji-Young (지영). Traditionally a Korean name is two syllables and they each mean something different. [example; Ji-Young means: wise, prosperous]

Q: Give us your favorite face fitness technique. 
A: From my book Face Fitness, page 138-139: Ethereal Eyes.

This movement is effective at draining swelling or puffiness around the eyes to create a brighter and more awakened look. Perform this movement consistently, and over time you will notice lasting benefits, such as a brighter under-eye complexion and ageless features.

You need just a pea-size amount of the SKKN Eye Cream.

  1. Place your thumbs behind your earlobes to "hook" them against the back of your jawline.

  2. Place your ring fingers at each temple.

  3. Gently apply pressure with your ring fingers, and move them from your temples along your orbital bone under your eyes, then up toward your nose and inner corners of your eyes.

  4. Continue to apply gentle pressure as you move your fingers up toward the eyebrows and along the brow bone until you have returned to the temples.

  5. Repeat, completing 3 to 6 reps.

Q: What’s your favorite SKKN product and why?
A: Oil Drops, Eye Cream, and Exfoliator. 

Oil drops: Vitamin C infused into a noncomedogenic facial oil is always a good idea. It was my first SKKN “empty” because I use it so much for that extra dewy glow and also for Face Fitness moves.  

Eye Cream: Plumping peptides and the light texture. Peptides are one of the most effective ways to de-puff under-eye bags and brighten dark circles. The light texture glides flawlessly for face fitness moves. 

Exfoliator: I can’t get over the scent of fresh cut roses. I am usually not a fan of physical exfoliants but there is something special about this one - for the ultimate experience mix a dollop of the SKKN Cleanser, dollop of Exfoliator, and a splash of water is *chefs kiss.*

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