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Your Fall Routine: Seasonal Skincare Tips from Kim's Esthetician

Your Fall Routine: Seasonal Skincare Tips from Kim's Esthetician

As the air becomes colder and drier, it's important to adapt your skincare to the changing environment. We asked Kim's esthetician, Candice Miele, to share her favorite tips for happy autumn skin.

01. Combat dryness

"The most common skincare concerns that arise in the fall are dehydration and dryness which can lead to sensitivity. I always advise my clients to back off of the exfoliation a bit and add products that are replenishing and hydrating. Exfoliating too much can really dry out the skin and mess with its pH."

02. Humidify your space

"One of my favorite ways to combat dry air on the skin is to use a humidifier! It’s great to have one in your bedroom so while your skin is recovering at night, it’s getting that boost of hydration. I also always have one in my office, really anywhere you spend a lot of time."

03. Mist for Moisture

"Another easy way to help combat the effects of dry air on your skin is to mist, mist, mist! I am a misting queen! I mist my clients throughout their entire facial and also have them carry one around to use throughout the day."

04. Essential ingredients

"A few key ingredients that are great to add to your regimen are hyaluronic acid and squalane. Both are highly effective in helping to combat dehydration and dryness."

Find hyaluronic acid and squalane inside:

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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Oil Drops

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