A Guide to Décolletage Care

A Guide to Décolletage Care

Many of us forget to extend our skincare routine beyond our faces. But since the skin on the décolletage is thinner, more delicate, and has fewer sebaceous glands, it’s more susceptible to environmental stressors.

To help address premature signs of aging and maintain healthy-looking, nourished skin, here are four ways to care for your décolletage:

01. Moisturize: Extend the application of your serums, oils, and moisturizers to increase radiance and glow.

02. Exfoliate: Incorporate regular exfoliation to help improve skin texture.

03. Protect: Shield your delicate skin from harmful UV rays with daily SPF.

04. Target: Consider using our Vitamin C8 Serum to target specific concerns, like dark spots or fine lines.

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