In Conversation With Tatyana Lafata

In Conversation With Tatiana Lafata

You probably know Tatyana for her signature dewy glam. In this exclusive conversation, she reflects on the SKKN products she swears by to achieve her everyday glow, and shares the style inspiration that has influenced her beauty journey.

Q: What’s your favorite SKKN product and why?
My favorite SKKN product is the Oil Drops, they’re perfect to mix in my morning moisturizer and give me that extra glow with benefits!

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?
Typical day looks as so: wake up, make breakfast and drink my water, take care of my dogs, make a coffee and do my skincare, film my content for my social pages and active partnerships, clean up my space, head to the gym, make dinner, shower and spend time winding down with my husband.

Q: How do you prep your skin for your signature glowy glam?
For my signature glam I always go for a glowy & bronzey look. My fav products to help me prep are the SKKN Exfoliator, a glowy serum such as a hyaluronic or peptide serum, a facial oil and a glowy SPF!

Q: Who is your style icon?
My style icon since I can remember has been miss Kim, I’ve always loved the way she can rock every type of look and it definitely shows in my style as well, as I love trying new styles myself and going out of my comfort zone with clothing!

Q: Are you planning any summer travel?
I have been traveling quite a bit this summer, I’ll be back in some of my favorite cities this month and next and I can’t wait!

Q: What skincare products do you always pack in your carry-on?
I typically always pack all my skincare in my carry on because I would be so sad to loose it BUT some products that you can always find in my carry on are vitamin c, a hydrating moisturizer, Tower 28 spray (the best for plane breakouts), Summer Fridays milk drops SPF and so much more!