In Conversation With Melissa Alcantara

In Conversation With Melissa Alcantara
We sat down with Kim's personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, to hear about her post-workout skincare routine, tips for combating breakouts, and top picks from SKKN.

Q: What's your pre-workout skincare routine? 

A: Before working out I make sure to wash and moisturize my face. I use a little makeup so I want to make sure I'm painting on a clean canvas. I've been using the SKKN Cleanser, Toner, and Face Cream daily pre-workout because it's so soft on my skin. The Cleanser literally feels like a moisturizer. Since I'm always doing something active and I sweat a lot, I wash my face multiple times a day which can make my skin very dry — so a gentle moisturizer is exactly what I need. The Toner sets the tone (no pun intended) for the super creamy non-greasy Face Cream. 

Q: How do you refresh your skin after a workout? 

After my workouts I wash my face with the SKKN Cleanser. I usually wear a little makeup when I train so makeup mixed with sweat gym grime is a disaster waiting to happen. After using the Cleanser I use the SKKN Toner and Face Cream and then I'm good to go for the rest of the day!

Q: What are your tips for managing sweat-induced breakouts? 

1. Make sure to wash your face before training. When you workout your body temperature rises and your pores open up, making it easy for dirt and other things to get into your pores.

2. Try not to wear too much makeup. I get it, we all want to look good in the gym, but too much makeup clogs your pores and doesn't let them breathe which can cause breakouts. 

3. Use a cleanser and moisturizer that isn't harsh on your skin. When we sweat, salt comes out of our pores that can dry out our skin. We don't want oily skin but we don't want dry skin either. We want to use products that are going to promote healthy skin and help with moisture management. 

Q: What are your favorite SKKN products and why? 

My favorite SKKN products are the Cleanser, Face Cream, and Resurfacing Mask.  First reason is because they're unscented! I love unscented facial products, just feels natural and doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils. The Cleanser because it feels like it's moisturizing my face, it feels like I can leave my house right after a wash, so soft and smooth. I love the Resurfacing Mask because it gently deep cleans the face and also brings a brightness and moisture that lasts a few days — not like other masks that either dry your face out or gives you shine for an hour but then fades quickly. And last but not least, the SKKN Face Cream because it moisturizes so deep in the skin, just gives you that beautiful glow without feeling greasy. Literally feels like you're nourishing your skin, like you just ate a plate of veggies and you feel good about yourself because you know you did the body good!

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