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Our founder gives us a glimpse beyond the glam as she shares her current cravings, musings, inspirations, and more.

Favorite skincare product:

Obsessed with SKKN's Night Oil.

Coffee order:
Tall white chocolate mocha with whipped cream.  BUT, I have coffee maybe once a month.  I'm a tea girl.

Currently watching: 

Favorite outfit of 2024:
Balenciaga couture white gown I wore on Oscar night.

Favorite glam of 2024:
I loved my hair and makeup on Oscar night.

Favorite nail color:
Always nude nails. My fave is bubble bath, like a sheer baby pink.

Biggest source of creative inspiration:
My travels around the world.  I get so much inspo from architecture.

Movie you can quote word-for-word:
Clueless ... duh.

Late night snack obsession:
String cheese. Ugh so bad I know.